File under “This Never Happens in Real Life”

We were shooting an episode yesterday and needed to show a Jell-O mold falling apart.  Easy, we thought.  It was sweltering here, I started the mold later than I would have liked, I took no precautions with prepping the mold.  All surefire recipes for Jell-O mold disaster.  Well, what do you think happened?  That Jell-O unmolded PERFECTLY.  It looked great, only for once we weren’t after great.  We messed it up, put it back in the mold and tried unmolding it again, certain that it would look horrible.  Nope, still looked great.  We finally got the effect we were after, after much stabbing and violence, but it was crazy.  Why can’t all of my Jell-O molds turn out that well?!



About Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en

The "Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en" is an entertaining and lifestyle web series with its tongue planted firmly in its cheek, which celebrates all that is fun and kitschy about food, drink and party planning.
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